Solutions for Even Your Hottest Items

High heat applications in Texarkana, AR

Is your fire pit in great working condition but started to show signs of rust? Don’t throw it away just yet. Instead, consider bringing your fire pit, or other items regularly exposed to high amounts of heat, to the coating specialists at Texarkana Powder Coating in Texarkana, AR.

Some metal fabrication and coating companies don’t have the right tools, equipment or knowledge necessary to handle items like gas inserts, wood stoves, fire pits or exhausts. But we can! Thanks to over seven years of industry experience, we have the expertise you can rely on to not only handle even your “hottest” possessions, but the attention to detail necessary to do the job right.

For long lasting high heat applications, consult the experts at Texarkana Powder Coating in Texarkana, AR by calling 870-774-0351 today. We will discuss your project and get started right away.